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Find the brand and specification of your door lock

  • 1Is there a manufacturers name stamped on the lock strip?Example Answer: Fuhr Can't see a name?
  • 2What is measurement A ? (See picture to right ) Example Answer: 35mm
  • 3What is measurement B ? (See picture to right) Example Answer: 92mm
  • 4What locking points are there on the strip? Example Answer: 2 Hooks and 2 Rollers
  • That's it!From the answers above we know that this lock is a Fuhr 2 Hook 2 Roller 35 x 92.

Diagram showing how to measure the backset and centres on a uPVC door lock

My lock has no name on it!

Don't panic! This is common.

A lot of older manufacturers didn't stamp names on the faceplates of locks.

Simply take some photos of the locking points and central part of your lock and email them to us at where one of our expert sales team will get straight back to you...