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Fitting a new lock to your door

We're working on some pictures and a video fitting guide which is shortly to come!

In the meantime here are some simple instructions below.

  • 1Out with the old...Remove your old handle, cylinder, and mechanism from the door by removing all the securing screws
  • 2A quick tip...To remove your cylinder, insert the key, turn it slightly to the right (about 1 o clock) and push from the other side.
  • 3Make it fit...Lay your old and new mechanism together, and cut the new mechanism to the same size as your old one with a hacksaw
  • 4Check the handing...Make sure the latch is the right way around. This can usually be reversed easily by removing 1 screw or an allen screw.
  • 5Nearly there...Put the mechanism back in the door, followed by the handles and then cylinder and re-insert all securing screws (don't over tighten handle screws!)
  • 5Most importantly!Make sure the keeps on the frame of the door are correctly aligned - sometimes its best to take them off and put them back on 1 by 1 in the correct positions.
  • That's it!You should now have a perfectly working lock!

I've been told I need to change the positions of my hooks or deadbolts!

Don't panic! This is common.

Sometimes mechanisms are obsolete and this is the only way to get a working replacement. The best method of doing this is using a hammer and chisel carefully cutting a space in the door after marking the positions of the new hook / deadbolt backboxes with a pencil - don't worry if this isn't too exact, but make it as tidy as you can.

Once you've fitted the mechanism in the door, repeat the process on the door frame. Using a pencil mark the corresponding throw positions of the hooks and deadbolts, then cut out where you need the keeps to be positioned. This can take some time - but is well worth the cost saving in the long run!